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1.Company brief:

Indochina Gas JSC is one of the leading suppliers of industrial gases and chemicals, established in 2010 in the North of Vietnam. During more than 5 years of operation, Indochina Gas have been striving for a reliable partner of both foreign and local customers and so far he has been taking part in the supply chain of FDI manufacturers in a variety of fields such as electronics, food & beverage, metals, water treatment and even pharmacy. And in the industrial gas market, Indochina Gas has been approved to be a trustworthy partner with gas players, not only from the foreign sector but also from local private sector.

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Indochina Gas JSC

2. Business scope:

  • Supplying a wide range of industrial gases such as: CO2 liquid, dry ice, O2, N2, Ar, Cl2 NH3 ( Amoniac), NH4OH, H2O2…as customer’s needs.
  • Supplying the UHP gas, mixed gas and specialty gases as requested.
  • Consultation and installation of the gas containers and gas supply systems
  • Trading the pressure vessels and gas equipments

3. Strategy Target: Vision statement

  • Striving for one of top supplier of industrial gases and chemicals in Vietnam” by actions below:
    1. Prestige is the final goal for the growth and success
    2. Serving customers in anywhere

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4. Key to success:

– Be committed to provide customers with high quality products, good services and competitive prices!

+ Receiving feedbacks from customers and having a good knowledge of the products in order to consult & put forward ‘an appropriate solution to any customer’s needs.

+ Improving the transportation capacity and deepening partnership to meet the customers’ needs.

– Focusing on personnel

Enhancing management & technical skills  and focusing on human performance  & personnel management in a sustainable way.

5. Advantages of Indochina Gas JSC

– Being a trustworthy partner of well-known  companies in Vietnam such as Habac nitrogenous fertilizer & chemicals , South Chemicals J.S company and a variety of top world names of Linde Vietnam, Air Liquide Vietnam, Messer Hai Phong, Vijagas, Tomoe, Iwatani…

– Setting up a nation-wide network of customers,  which is a solid foundation for the company’s development.

– Possessing high quality personnel and scientific management system towards specialization and diversification.

– Owning a variety of means of transportation, might meet any customers’ logistic needs..



Office : Room 1107, Building No.1, No.282 Linh Nam Road, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam

Factory: Tan Hong Industrial Zone, Hoan Son Ward, Tien Du Dist., Bac Ninh province

Tel:+84 4 6284 5556 * Fax: +84 4 6284 5553

Hotline: Mr. Khanh 0904 999 494 – Business Director